Thursday, July 16, 2009



Customers when deciding to purchase diamond jewellery will often ask whether it is a good investment. In actual fact, jewellery should never be purchased for investment reasons, only for its beauty. The appeal of diamonds lies in their dazzling beauty and endurance, and their ability to provide a lasting memento of a special occasion.

Although diamond jewellery is usually bought for emotional reasons, the value of the diamond content will appreciate in time. Unlike some other commodities, the prices of diamonds have remained stable over the years. As the cost of living rises, so does the average price of diamonds. Diamonds will purchase the same now as they did last year, five years ago, or twenty years ago. Diamonds have lasting value.

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  1. Now days diamonds bring business profit. In recession also value of diamond is not effected, value of the diamond is not dependent on stock market price. There are some disadvantage also such as, you can buy it but you can't sell it off that easily, number of customers for real diamond is still less. To determine worth of the diamond you should have trained eye. So, i conclude that now diamonds investment is the way to go. For more details on diamond investment refer diamond investment